The Fox

Su inherits her childhood home after her mothers’ death and takes her young daughter, Nari, and partner, Hamish, to live there.

Strange things begin to happen in the house.

They soon discover they are not alone; a ghostly presence sheds light on a dark truth and both Su and Hamish must come to terms with the consequences of their actions.

Grimmfest says: “A moving and visually startling exploration of cultural displacement and alienation, this claustrophobic domestic drama deftly reframes South East Asian horror movie tropes within an Australian outback setting, using Korean mythology and supernatural lore in almost metaphorical fashion, to reveal the grim reality in which the various characters are all trapped, a repeated pattern of guilt, recrimination and self-loathing that they can never escape. It has the weight and resonance of the very darkest of Korean legends”.

You’re just not used to the house yet